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The other day I had an issue with a fellow Lost Planet Colonies player. He's not a bad dude, and he seems to have good intentions for the most part. I've known the guy for a few years, and he's probably only second to TrueSchool14 (the best out there as long as his legacy isn't marred by cheating). The issue stemmed from other players in the Lost Planet scene. Some assholes kept exiting in and out of games and all kinds of other shit that was ruining matches. The dude I usually play the game with kept exiting matches when he was on my team. I asked why, and he said it was because those other two dudes always exit the game and make the teams lop-sided. Understandable, since the whole series completely fails in the area of balance.


But, then I see him only joining sessions they create. Despite the fact that myself and others have created more than enough sessions to join, he joins sessions they create like clockwork. Yes, the very ones he claims to hate because they pull out of games and sabotage teams. If you hate someone, though, wouldn't you do anything not to be around them? Not to be subject to their bullshit? Wouldn't you not contribute to their bullshit? Apparently this logic irrelevant and extinct these days. Where I'm from, you change shit if you don't like it. When everyone just sits and contributes to a cause they don't agree with, the problem continues. Where my fellow Lost Planet Colonies teammate is from, maybe it's not a virtue to be the change you want to see. I use this quote because even though it was made in a much more serious context than video games, it can be applied to everyday life. No matter what you do. For example, if the change you want to see is in sports, then so be it. If the change you desire is in society, then let it be your inspiration to change people. I apply that quote to everyday life. Everything. Even to video games (as bad as it may seem). I apply it to video games because they're not about fun, anymore. Games have become a vessel for profit, false glamour, and popularity. "Major League Gaming," clans, and everything in between. It's all bullshit, and it's ruined video games. It's made them "not fun." Case in point? My buddy who excels in Lost Planet, but not in honor.



"Don't Sell Out..."

Only two of these are used online.


His reasoning for continuing to support their bullshit was mediocre, at best. Nevermind, it was ridiculous. Apparently, even though he hates them, they're not such bad guys. His defense was that on the contrary, the Lost Planet scene isn't full of scumbags, but hard-working veterans. Well, then let's go down the list and see how great the LP scene is. Let's talk about all the things that make them not just great players, but great human beings with redeeming social value. Take note, because these are the kind of people who really project through games just what type of people they are in real life. If that's any indicator, we really can't trust anybody; if these people are willing to go to such great lengths to cheat for points in a videogame, just imagine what they'd do in real life to get what they want.

What's left of the scene aren't just hard-working veterans who just want to play a fair game (like he claims). You see a lot of invincible cheating bastards with impossibly-flawless aim who walk through walls and can't be shot. Have you felt the way LPC controls? With such piss-poor control, it's really, really hard to believe that anyone can consecutively get so many direct, critical shots. It's also hard to believe that anyone could perform so many perfectly-timed evasive roll moves; enough to survive direct shots from blind spots. It's possible to coincidentally roll from a shot coming from a blind area, but unlikely. This game has all the makings of an incredibly frustrating, unfair experience. Lost Planet Colonies is worse than ever. Boosting is completely out of control, hackers ruin matches, and nothing is what it seems.

Boosting is nothing new, and Lost Planet scrubs have been doing it since the game's inception. Most scrubs in general have been doing it since the HD generation began. The problem is that boosting has gotten to the point where players are completely ruining the game with sabotage. Players aren't just letting each other have kills to boost. When they came to the conclusion that just killing each other wasn't profitable enough, they started to erasing their save data. Why? So that they start at level zero again and reap all the point benefits of defeating high-level players. To an unsuspecting player, it also looks like a new player from the low-level, when it's actually a high-level player with reset stats. The only way to truly know if someone was previously a high-level player or not is by checking achievements.


The only thing that really makes this game more unbalanced and difficult to play online than MVSC3 is the fact that at any time your whole team could bail and leave you fighting against 6 - 8 other once. Even if your team doesn't bail ragequit on you, though, it doesn't matter because there are cheating bastards who will so that their friends on the other team(s) can win by unfair advantage. This is possibly the thing that breaks the game beyond repair; its own matchmaking system, and still flawed even in LP2. It's got to be the most uneven, unbalanced matchmaking system ever created. And little has been done to fix it and preserve any bit of dignity the game has left. What kind of dispicable people would exploit this? The LP scene, of course! Some of the most despicable, selfish motherfuckers in any game, ever. They're right up with MVSC3 scene. For every decent person you meet in LP, you meet 20-30 completely dispicable human beings. The kind who'd be no great loss. For a game they love, you'd think they'd actually try not to be such assholes in an effort to save its dying scene.


Most Hated

Only three of these are used online.

Either way, though, both scenes are undoubtedly the worse. The MVSC3 scene is so shitty that nearly every player you encounter will teabag you. Even if you aren't even on the mic or using a top tier team, they'll teabag you just for playing the game. For merely playing a game you purchased and want to enjoy. These are the same types of assholes who cry about the dwindling interest in fighting games. I don't blame anyone who has been turned-off by the bullshit displayed online and decided never to play again. It's completely understandable. Why the fuck should anyone be discriminated against just for playing the game? Moreover, for either just starting out, or improving at their own (slower) pace than others? Everyone starts somewhere, and it's never at the top. These scenes have both forgotten that, and it will be their demise when nobody wants to play next-gen installments of either series online...
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