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Capcom announces six new mobile titles (iOS, Android), and reception to the announcement highlights just what is wrong these days with video games. Not that Capcom announced titles like Breath Of Fire 6 for a mobile device, but the sense of entitlement from "gamers." That same sense of entitlement that leads developers into supply/demand pitfalls where idiots and spoiled babies demand a game they have no intention of buying. And it's not just the Western market; the Eastern market is just as mercurial. After all, wasn't it the Japanese market that provided the negative feedback that shut Mega Man Legends 3 down?


What does Capcom owe you?
What does anyone owe you?
Who are you?
What have you contributed to deserve anything?
What have you truly stayed loyal to?
You expect Capcom to have a faceless devotion to you, but what devotion do you have?
What in this scene have you built?
Show respect for what the rest of us have built.




Amazing how there's this sense of entitlement when most "gamers" haven't contributed a thing to the developers they so demand from. A great example is Mega Man Legends 3; a title that idiots everywhere cried about when it was canceled, yet had nothing but bad things to say about it. Not only that, but I remember "fans," casuals, and "hardcore gamers" alike not giving a shit about Mega Man Legends or Mega Man Legends 2 back in the 32-Bit era the series was born in. Everyone was too pre-occupied with stupid shit like Driver and Need For Speed. The proof was all there as "gamer" zombies paid no mind to any Mega Man game on their way to grab "Grand Tooreezmoe" or Syphon Filter.


I support resurrection of Mega Man Legends 3, but my blood boils more and more as overnight "fans" continue to damn the game with false praise. The only ones who really have any room to demand Mega Man Legends 3 are those who supported the series back then by actually buying the games. Us fans who kept Mega Man alive by purchasing new entries at full price. Us fans who have bought dedicated machines just to play every Mega Man title. Us fans who have supported Mega Man through buying licensed products. Merely downloading them for a PlayStation emulator way after the fact doesn't count as contribution. At all. Nothing, at all.


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